University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Painting& Sculpture

Hartford Art School, Hartford Connecticut

Berkshire Community College, Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts. Pittsfield


Art’s Student’s League , New York, NY, USA

The New School. Filmmaking. NY, NY, USA

Parson’s School of design in New York, NY USA

Escola Eina, Barcelona. Spain



2018 Watercolor, The use of line and perspective.

2017 Workshops : Working with watercolor

2016 Painting : The use of color.

2015 Masterclasses Painting RB 56, Barcelona , Spain

2014-15 Master clases Watercolours. RB 56., Barcelona, Spain.

2011-13 Workshops . The use of “Mixed media & watercolours”

2010     “Playing with Matter: Painting and Jewelry” – TV interview on the program in  “Els Matins de Josep Cuní”, Barcelona

2008    Residency at the Cat Art Contemporary Art Center, Sainte Colombe sur      L’Hers, France

2007    Workshops on Pigments and Fresco Painting.      Cat Art Contemporary Art Center. France.

2007    Curator of the collective exhibit “Works in Progress,” Espace Pilar     Riberaygua, France.

2005     “Trends” – interview with Àngels Bronsoms, Com Radio. Barcelona, Spain.

2005     “Jewelry in the Art World” – round table, The Commons, Andorra la Vella

2005 Emision TV. Andorra, Round Table discussion “Jewelry as Art”, Andorra.

2003     “Conversations in My Studio” – interview, Barcelona TV, Barcelona. Spain.

1986     Residency in Martino Midali’s Showroom.  Milan, Italy.



2015 Juan Marciano Collection , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1996  Bayer Collection, Barcelona , Spain.

1995  IMIM Collection, Barcelona, Spain.



2018 Selected for BDW (Barcelona Design Week)

2014-15 Open Doors, Poblenou Urban District. Barcelona. Spain.

2014 – Record´Art. Comissaire ;Arquitect julio Laviña, 40 participating galleries, with Patrik Domken, Cadaqués , Girona, Spain.

2014-15- Open Studio. Execution of a big size watercolour. Poblenou Crea, Barcelona. Spain.

2012    Galería Patrick J. Domken, Cadaqués, Paintings & light Sculptures. Girona, Spain

2012     “Orbits” – presentation of the video Orbits. Lo Pati Terres de l’Ebre Art Center, Amposta, Delta Del Ebre, Spain

2012   “Orbits”, Shhhh, Galería Safia, Barcelona,  Spain

2010  “Work in Progress” A&D BCN, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

2010     Cubí 100, Barcelona, Spain.

2009     Espai Cavallers, Lleida, Spain.

2009     Fanjeaux, Magrite, Le Chemin. Art Fairs, Cathar Country, France.

2008     Open Door Contemporary Art Projects, curated by Lizzette LaFalle-  Collins, Pennsylvania, USA.

2005    “Bits”, Pilar Riberaygua Gallery, Andorrala la Vella, Andorra.

2005     “Fragments of Thoughts” Espai Cavallers Gallery, Tarragona, Spain

2003    “Concealed Spaces” Alejandro Sales Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

2003 La Santa Gallery, Cultural Projects, Barcelona

2003-1991     Nota Bene Gallery. Cadaqués, Spain

1990     Brok Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

1997     Introit Gallery. Vic, Spain.

1989     Nota Bene Gallery. Cadaqués, Spain

1988     Museum of Contemporary Art. Granollers,           Catalonia, Spain.

1987     Nota Bene Gallery. Cadaqués, Spain

1986     Noesis Foundation. Calaceite, Aragon, Spain

1986     Martino Midali. Milan, Italy.



2016 Water Tower (Torre de les Aigües del Besós) Barcelona. Group exhibit inside the emblematic Water Tower constructed in 1880.

2016  MX ESPAI 1010 . XIII Contemporary Art Small Format International exhibit .

“Literary Cities”-Walter Benjamin.Presented at  Xina Art Gallery/Barcelona; Arteria Gallery /Igualada-Spain; Galery Himmelreich, Magdeburg, Germany.

2015 Galería Xefo, Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain.

2015- VISIONAT Auction-Chez Xefo, Barcelona, Spai.

2014-Record´Art 2014. Comissioned by Julio Laviña. Patrick Domken gallery, Cadaqués, Spain.

2014 FluxClub, Video poetry. Showing Orbits. Barcelona, Spain

2014- La Plataforma. Exibit of new work of Sculptures for the Body. Barcelona. Spain.

2012   A&D BCN, Group Show, Murals. Barcelona. Spain

2012     Exhibit “Small Format” University of Ulster, Belfast, Ireland

2012     “Autobiography”, small format,  Galeria MX Espai / Editions 1010, Barcelona

2011    “Crystallization of the Word” 10th Small Format International  Contemporary Art Exhibit, MX Espai. Barcelona.

2008-09 Magrite, Fanjeaux, Le Chemin des Artistes Art Fair. France

2007-2008 International Art for Fashion. FCA, curated by Jerry Cullum, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2007     “Works in Progress” Espace Pilar Riberaygua, Sainte Colombe sur l’Hers, France.

2004     “Emerging Spanish Artists”. Frazier Museum, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

2003     La Santa Gallery, Cultural Projects. Barcelona, Spain

2002     “La Caixa” Foundation. Santa Christina d’Aro, Spain

2002     Marges U Gallery. Cadaqués, Spain

2002     A.C. Rrose Selavy Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

2002     Marges U Gallery. Cadaqués, Spain

1997     Museum of Cadaqués. Cadaqués, Spain

1995     Loft Nota Bene. Cadaqués, Spain

1993     Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

1993     Palau Robert. Barcelona, Spain

1990     Monastery of Sant Miquel d’Escornalbou, Tarragona, Spain

1989     Tom Maddock Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

1987     “Street Painting” Tàrrega Art Festival. Tàrrega, Catalonia, Spain

1987     Pablo Serrano Gallery. Teruel, Aragon, Spain



2018 Time out, Barcelona design Week –Pop Up, Fusion between Art and Design.

2017 Brava Casa Arquitectural magazine. Watercolors by Mercè Girona. Ukraine

2015 El Periódico. Chez Xefo, Abstract+Abstract.

2007     “Everything new at your fingertips”. TELVA  Moda.

2005     “Art to admire, Art to wear” DIARI D’ANDORRA . Cultura .

2005     “Porfirio’s Bracelet: Mercè Girona”, DIARI D’ANDORRA. Cultura.

2003     “The Classicism of Kounellis, Caro and Todó, the Delicacy of Girona”,  Olga Spiegel. LA VANGUARDIA. Cultura

2003     “Contained Spaces” Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona. LA VANGUARDIA, Cultura

1998     “Unlimited Perceptions”, Anna Palomo, El NOU NOU, Cultura, newspaper. Barcelona, Spain

1998   INTROIT gallery shows the poetics of Mercè Girona LA MARXA. Magazine, Vic, Catalonia, Spain.

1998 INTROIT Gallery shows the work of Mercè Girona for the first time in Vic”Anna Palomo. El 9 NOU. Vic, Catalonia, Spain.

1998     “Sterling” DUNIA. Spain.

1998     “Special Accessories” MANN magazine. Spain

1997     “The Luminous Colors of Mercè Girona” by Javier Maderuelo. El PAIS,  BABELIA. Madrid, Spain

1991     “Bitten paces” by Maria Lluïsa Borràs. LA VANGUARDIA, Culture & Art

1991     “Bitten Spaces” by Juanjo Navarro Arisa. EL PAIS, Barcelona, Spain.

1991     “Bitten Spaces”. El PUNTO. Culture. Madrid, Spain

1991     “Landscapes of the Mind”, Juanjo Navarro Arisa, EL PAIS, Barcelona

1988     “Christmas Chic”, ELLE magazine.

1987     “Sterling with a Name” VOGUE ESPAÑA.

1987     “With Versace” DONNA, Milan, Italy

1987     “My Collection” TAXI MODA, Milan, Italy

1987     “Get in Line” DUNIA. Spain.